Welcome to the treasures of my life. Let’s meet the family

My loving husband Jim. We’ve been married for 23 amazing years. We dated for 4 years so we have officially been together for 27. He is truly my best friend, I tell him everything and he is one who can always bring me back to the middle when I over reacting.


Our awesome 18 year old son Jacob – He recently graduated high school and will be attending community college in the Fall. He enjoys video games, basketball and hanging out with his little sister. I’m so proud of the young man he has become. He truly encompasses the best of both Jim and I.

Our beautiful 6 year old Alexa. She is our little miracle coming to into our lives when Jim & I thought we were never going to have another. God does do amazing things and Alexa is proof. She loves every Disney Princess, music, cooking, crafting, filming her YouTube channel Alexa’s Unicorn World and hanging out with her big brother (she calls him Bubba).
Our family also includes our hilarious dog Penny.