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About a year ago my friend’s daughter introduced Alexa to “Surprise Egg” YouTube videos. You may be wondering, what are “Surprise Egg” videos? They were literally videos of adults opening up plastic Easter eggs filled with toys and getting excited by what they got. The most viewed YouTuber in this phase was Disney Collector on the FunToyzCollector channel.

Alexa has moved on (thank goodness) to find come other great YouTube channels this mom enjoys watching with her.

First up is Cool School. This channel features Crafty Carol and Ms. Booksy. They share stories, crafts and nursery rhymes. Check out Crafty Carol’s most recent video….

Here is Ms. Booksy’s most recent video:

Both ladies are fun and engaging and I like that Alexa is actually learning something while she is watching.

Nerdy Nummies on Rosanna Pansino’s channel is Alexa’s absolute favorite. Ro creates delicious baking creations with a nerdy twist. She also does challenge videos with her sister and other YouTube stars. Rosanna also has a Nerdy Nummies cookbook which I bought for Alexa a few weeks ago. She loves it.

Here is the Death Star cake she made in honor of the movie Star Wars The Force Awakens.

and here is her most recent challenge video

Watching Nerdy Nummies has created a little baker in my household.

In a past challenge video on Rosanna Pansino’s channel, Alexa and I were introduce to Cassie from Blogilates. This is a health and fitness channel. Alexa and I don’t watch her exercise videos although I’m thinking I should probably start. What we watch are the Smoothie Trivia Challenge videos. Take a look for yourself and I’m sure you will see why a five year old can’t stop laughing during the taste challenge. This video is Alexa’s favorite.

And finally I want to share Alexa’s favorite makeup tutorial videos. Yes she’s into makeup. What makes these videos better then the average makeup video is they are transformation videos. Promise from dope2111 transforms herself and her family into magical characters from our favorite movies and books. Alexa enjoys this Inside Out video.

and the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland

One word of advice, while these videos are kid friendly sometimes the videos YouTube suggests on the sidebar are not. To avoid your child clicking something they shouldn’t I suggest downloading the YouTube for Kids app for your phone or tablet. The videos on the app are all kid friendly. They do however still have advertisements so just be aware when your kids are watching or do what I do and watch with them.

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