Sooooo my 45th birthday is this Thursday and the common question by my family is of course, “What would you like for your birthday?” Usually I choose something that I need for example, last year I ask for a Wacom pad because I needed it for work and school, previous years I’ve asked for coffee makers, school supplies and even tuition money. I figure if your going to spend the money, why not spend it on something I will need to spend money on anyway. This year I again have asked for something much needed, the Intuos Creative Stylus 2 which I need for client meetings so I can sketch ideas on my iPad.

I started thinking though, what if it didn’t matter? What if I could just have anything, need or not needed, just wanted. So I went on Etsy and thought it would be fun to share my finds with you.

This is my “Gift Guide for a Geeky Designer Mom”

Geek sign

At the Heaven’s Avenue Sign Shop I found this great “We Believe” sign I would proudly display in my house if Jim would let me.

Mauraders Scarf

I love scarves and I love Harry Potter. Why not put them together. Here is a beautiful Marauder’s Map Scarf I found at the shop Classroom Fall  .

Tink Cup

Don’t you think I think I need this blinged out Tinker Bell Cup from DanisCuties?

Owl camera strap

My camera would look great with this cute Owl Camera Strap attached to it from the shop PhatStraps.


I have started using essential oils to help with headaches and I think this diffuser necklace from EO Jewerly would be great since I can’t carry my plug-in diffuser everywhere I go.

I love Toms shoes and found these amazing custom designed Toms that I would love to have:

peter pan toms

Here are some Peter Pan Toms from the shop Like Moths to a Flame.

Mary Poppins Toms

I also found these Mary Poppins Toms from the same shop.

Harry toms

and finally these amazing Harry Potter Toms from the shop Drawings by BOBA.

Etsy was so much fun to dream in I decided to google “designer gift guides” and “geek gift guides” to see if I can find some more unique extravigant gifts.


I’m going to start working from the couch if I get this Mobile LapDesk from iSkelter.

I found the ultimate shopping site called This is Why I’m Broke. I could seriously go broke if given the opportunity. My top three gift choices from the site are:


The Harry Potter Monopoly game


A Set of Dragon Eggs from Game of Thrones


Replica story book from the TV show Once Upon a Time

So there you have it, my birthday wish list if money didn’t matter.

Until next time,


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